Working with Monterosa, I was tasked to oversee the re-design and development of the new X Factor app. In 2018, The X Factor was undergoing a major rebrand in addition to changes in the show (with the inclusion of Robbie Williams joining the judges), this meant the app would require many changes to reflect this.
Working closely with Fremantle and ITV, we re-designed all pages of the previous 2017 app (in addition to new feature requests) using the new X Factor assets then got to work in building for iOS and Android devices. 
Code was built natively, using Monterosa's core Fan Companion platform and LViS CMS which powered the content in real time (even funnelling content from ITV's own bespoke CMS), allowing fans to engage with content as they see it on screen - this included polls, quizzes, games, highlighted video and image content... and of course, the voting for contestants. 
The development was a very fast turnaround and had many challenges - however the project was a success that released on time and featured on Saturday night TV each week.
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